Revolutionary Resistance – The tool for CORE STRENGTH

The ability to infinitely vary the concentric and eccentric resistance allows for training programs that selectively enhance strength, power and endurance.

By moving weight from foot to foot while using the Ground Force 360 it enhances one’s sense of spatial orientation and movement in a dynamic active environment.

The Ground Force 360 stimulates and stabilizes the body’s inner rotational axis provided by the left and right Spiral Lines of muscle recruitment, from the feet up through the shoulders.

During hip rotation the knee joints go through a pseudo isometric action causing the co-activation of the agonist and antagonist muscles, which provides support and stabilization for the knee joint.

By utilizing a unique technology that controls the concentric and eccentric (push-back) resistance, the Ground Force 360 is exceptional in its ability to recruit and leverage the torso’s core strength through the hip, knees and ankles into the ground.

This revolutionary design and technology provides a high performance functional training station to add a unique new option for rehabilitation and conditioning professionals who design functional strength and conditioning programs.

Ground Force 360